Why We Publish
Why is the study of plants so important to the future of humankind? Probably less than ten percent of the citizens living in the State of New Mexico could describe their biologic relationship to green plants. While thousands of yet-to-be-identified species of plants are being lost each year, we take for granted these vital organisms that through photosynthesis are the alpha and omega of human existence. After more than a billion years of evolution, animals, including Homo sapiens, still rely on the coming together of carbon dioxide and water in green plants to produce sugars, starches and oxygen required for their survival. We are starting to see signs of change in the way we interpret our relationship to planet earth: increasingly, society is beginning to recognize the vital importance of conserving the native flora.
Three years in the making, the fully revised and expanded Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico is now available! Now including color photos on almost every page, in addition to the more than 450 detailed botanical illustrations, and with 21 more species than in the first edition (bringing the total to 496), this book is both a dichotomous key and a gorgeous presentation of New Mexico's woody flora. LOOK INSIDE AND ORDER NOW!
Jack & Martha Carter Conservation Fund
Jack and Martha CarterOur fund plan is directed toward today and the future; it is a means of protecting our small part of planet Earth for future generations. The plan calls for 50% of the income from investments in the Conservation Fund to be used to support research and education grants. The remainder will stay in the Conservation Fund. Join us — download the Conservation Fund brochure and application PDF. Or, contact us by Email: